Irvine Slip-and-Fall Lawyers

If you were seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you may have already heard judgment statements from police, health care rescue personnel, friends, family members or co-workers, such as the following:

  • It is only a minor injury.
  • It was your own fault.
  • You were not watching out for yourself.
  • You were clumsy or careless.
  • It's not fair to sue the property owner because you were an invited guest.
  • It's not fair to sue the property owner because you were trespassing.

As experienced premises liability attorneys, we have heard it all at Meyers Burnett. We have also seen the pain, suffering and financial consequences to individuals who slipped and fell in shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, construction zones, beach areas, parks and schools. We know from experience that a store fall or a fall in a construction area is very often clearly "the fault of the property owner," and not our client who suffered the consequences of another's negligence.

Most importantly, we are prepared to fight on your behalf in pursuit of the compensation you need after hurting your back at work or tripping while boarding a bus. Our first attorney began his career as an insurance defense attorney. He knows all too well the tactics that insurers of property owners will use to avoid or minimize pay out of claims by people who slipped, tripped and fell, and injured themselves.

Our Huntington Beach Slip-and-Fall Attorneys Will Stand Up for Your Right to Compensation After a Fall Injury

Your back or neck injury is not "just a minor injury" if it prevents you from working as before. A broken bone is not minor when it requires surgery and may leave you with lingering, chronic pain for a long time. Talk to an Huntington Beach trip-and-fall lawyer and learn how we can help after you suffered a slip-and-fall accident on private property or property belonging to a public entity such as a city, county, state or federal government agency.