California Government Property Injury Attorneys

Some personal injury law firms turn down injury cases that will require legal action against government entities such as cities, counties, state or federal government bodies. This is not the case at Meyers Burnett. We have achieved successful results for cases that were referred to us by other lawyers who did not want to bring claims against government entities.

Our law firm has represented injured people and their families following serious and catastrophic injuries involving the following premises factors and problematic situations:

  • Defective sidewalks resulting in a fall on a public sidewalk
  • Dangerous conditions on public property such as schools and government buildings
  • City parks and beaches
  • County parks and beaches
  • California state parks
  • National parks
  • VA (Veterans Administration) hospitals and other public hospitals

Did your accidental injury on the beach near Huntington Beach fall under the jurisdiction of the city of Huntington Beach, the state of California or a private party? Talk to one of our California government property injury lawyers to schedule a free consultation. What if you were knocked down by a wave in the surf? You may not have a claim against any private or public entity in that case — but you may have an insurance bad faith claim if your own insurance company fails to pay according to terms in your accident or health insurance policy.

Consult With a Huntington Beach Municipal and City Property Injury Attorney at No Charge

Contact our Federal Tort Claims Act law firm to schedule a free initial consultation regarding any accidental injury that may fall under liability of city, county, state or federal government entities.