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A traffic accident involving a public entity such as a state, city, county or metropolitan area transportation agency can present unique legal challenges to your personal injury attorney. If you were injured in an Orange County Transit Authority bus, on an Amtrak train or on a light rain train in Los Angeles County, you should consult with a lawyer that is well-experienced handling such cases.

Was your public transit accident similar to one of these scenarios?

  • A public bus struck a bicycle
  • A light rail train struck a car or pedestrian
  • A taxicab struck a bicycle, pedestrian or private automobile
  • An Amtrak train struck a car or pedestrian at a railroad crossing

Your bus or train accident may have resulted in serious or catastrophic injury such as the following:

Stakes may be high if you suffered a very serious injury. Medical bills, lost wage replacement and disability accommodations following the recovery period may all amount to great financial loss. Your legal representation should not be left to chance, but rather, should be handled by a lawyer with depth and breadth of experience in complex insurance coverage cases. The train and bus accident law firm of Meyers Burnett Personal Injury Attorneys welcomes your inquiry if you are the injured person or next of kin. We also receive referrals from other law firms that do not accept public entity liability cases such as public transit injury claims.

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