Irvine Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents typically result in more serious injuries to motorcyclists than to occupants of cars or trucks that collide with them. Meyers Burnett handles motorcycle accidents on behalf of a range of clients:

  • Drivers and passengers of cars and trucks that collide with motorcycles
  • Pleasure-riding motorcyclists
  • Tourists passing through Huntington Beach or surrounding areas
  • On-the-job motorcyclists, including injured police motorcycle riders

Our Attorneys Are Law Enforcement Injury Advocates

Our law firm often represents injured police motorcyclists, handling claims against the municipalities that they work for as well as third-party liability claims against negligent motorists and public entities, such as when road defects are a factor.

Motorcycle accident injuries often include serious to catastrophic injuries such as the following:

Part of the challenge when injuries are so serious is that a recovering injury victim may require many months of treatment and therapy before reaching maximum improvement. Therefore, it is often unwise to accept a settlement from an insurer prematurely. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is a valuable adviser for an injured motorcyclist and his or her family during the healing and recovery phase.

Contact a California Police Motorcycle Injury Attorney

In the days, weeks and months following a motorcycle accident, paperwork and negotiations with insurers and health care providers can seem overwhelming. One of our Irvine motorcycle accident attorneys can provide much-needed support and guidance to an injured person and his or her family, while preparing compelling presentations and arguments to bring before insurance claims adjusters, judges and juries.

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