Huntington Beach Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

We all spend so much time on the go in our fast-paced world that perhaps it is no surprise that motor vehicle accidents are so prevalent. In spite of increased safety devices and tougher laws promoting safety, people are injured often in many varieties of motor vehicle accidents, including the following:

  • Single-car accident
  • Two-car collision
  • Multiple-car wreck
  • Car-versus-bus accident
  • Car-versus-pedestrian accident
  • Car-versus-motorcycle accident
  • Solo motorcycle accident
  • Double or multiple motorcycle crash
  • Truck accident
  • ATV accident
  • Motor scooter accident
  • Public transit accident
  • Bicycle accident

Each serious traffic accident resulting in serious to catastrophic injury or fatality brings with it legal challenges, including determining who was negligent, who is liable and which insurer will be responsible to compensate injury victims. Sometimes the greatest challenge involves enforcing existing insurance policies when insurers wrongly try to deny coverage. Insurance bad faith cases sometimes go to court — and often result in verdicts against insurers who sold policies that they later refused to honor.

Meyers Burnett is a Huntington Beach personal injury law firm welcoming inquiries from people throughout California dealing with the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents through legal actions:

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We adeptly guide our clients through legal requirements and issues such as statutes of limitations, detailed investigations, property damage claims (which we handle for our injured clients at no charge), loss of consortium claims for spouses, public entity claims, liens, insurance "stacking," subrogation and more.

We count ourselves successful when our clients' verdicts or settlements are greater than attorneys' fees — and when the cash payout that they receive does, in fact, compensate them fully for their financial losses after a car, motorcycle or truck accident. While no amount of money can fully compensate an individual or a family after an amputation or a fatal accident, monetary awards enable survivors to cope and move forward to the next phase of life after a fateful accident.

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