Crane Accidents

Construction zones are dangerous areas, both for workers and for passersby. Heavy equipment and cranes can create hazardous situations. While there are strict guidelines and regulations in place to prevent accidents, one person's negligence or reckless actions can cause devastating injuries.

At Meyers Burnett, we understand the circumstances that contribute to these accidents, and we know how to pursue maximum damages against those who cause crane accidents and other construction-related injuries. Our team of attorneys is committed to providing the most compensation possible to victims and their families. We cannot reverse the effects of such a traumatic accident, but we know how to hold the responsible parties accountable.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a crane accident, we can help. Our lawyers will work aggressively to provide accountability and closure. Call our Huntington Beach law offices today at 714-848-6622 for an initial consultation.

Construction Workers and Crane Accidents

For workers on a construction site, accidents and injuries are generally covered by workers' compensation. If the accident was caused or contributed to by someone other than the worker's employer (such as a contractor or nonemployed person on the job site), we can file additional claims against that person. This will be in addition to your workers' compensation claim.

Also, if the accident was caused by a problem with the equipment, such as design issues or product failure, we can help to pursue a claim against the product manufacturer.

Our team of personal injury attorneys is skilled in evaluating the accident and determining exactly what occurred so that we can hold all responsible parties accountable for the role they played in your injury.