Irvine Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

A brain injury may run the gamut from a minor concussion to a coma and vegetative state. Clients of Meyers Burnett with brain injuries usually fall somewhere between those extremes. Closed head injury patients often complain of headaches, inability to concentrate, personality change, irritability, moodiness and cognitive challenges, such as memory loss. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients may report loss of bodily functions and long-term disability.

If you suffered a brain injury in a car or truck accident or other type of accident such as a serious slip-and-fall accident, the sooner you have a lawyer working on your case, the better. Early legal analysis and legal action may mean greater possibilities to obtain compensation from all available sources.

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On the other hand, if our California whiplash compensation law firm takes your case, we are prepared to consult with appropriate medical experts in search of a full understanding of the nature of your injuries and your prognosis. An accident reconstructionist can help us discover whether another motorist or a car manufacturer was negligent — and pursue compensation accordingly. Interviews with friends and family members can yield valuable testimony about changes in the injured person after a head injury, as well.

Years of experience and a track record of successful cases have given us the tools and knowledge to help pursue compensation for you after an accidental injury.

Do not be surprised if insurance claims adjusters or anyone associated with your case implies that you are exaggerating or feigning symptoms. At Meyers Burnett, we respect our clients and work hard to document and substantiate their head injury claims. This sometimes involves detailed evaluation by experts such as neurologists and neuropsychologists. MRIs and other diagnostic tests confirm brain damage. Testimony by these expert witnesses helps build strong cases that our attorneys present to insurance claims adjusters, judges and juries.

Discuss your or your loved one's brain injury case with one of our Irvine traumatic brain injury attorneys following a car, truck or motorcycle accident. Call or e-mail our law firm to schedule a free consultation.