Huntington Beach Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

The impact of a spinal cord injury on the future lifestyle of the injured person will depend in part on the location of the injury. Vertebrae include cervical (upper) vertebrae and lumbar (lower) vertebrae. Injury to the cervical vertebra may result in quadriplegia and accompanying loss of bodily functions ranging from breathing to hand and wrist function. Injury to the lumbar vertebra may result in paraplegia, including loss of function in hips and legs.

Addressing Urgent Questions on Your Mind After a Spinal Cord Injury

You may have arrived at this web page looking for legal advice after your husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter suffered a catastrophic injury in a car accident or construction accident. How will the injured person and the family cope with the medical expenses, the special needs for a lifetime, and pain and suffering?

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Recovery Through Medical Care, Therapy, Social Support and Legal Advocacy

Getting quality medical care and therapy is an important first step toward recovery after a spinal cord injury. Friends' and neighbors' offering of emotional and practical support is very important, as well. Long-term prospects for a recovery of a "normal" life after a spinal cord injury will be greatly affected by financial resources. To allow us to help you maximize the ultimate value of your injury claim after a spinal cord injury, talk to one of our Huntington Beach spinal cord injury attorneys as soon as possible.

A Prompt, Thorough Investigation Is Key to a Good Recovery

The earlier the investigation into the accident, the more informative the investigation into the causes can be. Did the motorcycle accident occur because another motorist was using a cellphone and not watching out for traffic? Did a slip-and-fall accident happen because of a merchant's negligence by not securing merchandise properly? Did a boat or train accident happen because of technical error — and if so, who fell down on the job in maintenance and repair?

Contact an Orange County Paralysis Injury Attorney

The sooner you have a proven-effective personal injury lawyer on your side after a spinal cord injury, the more options you can expect for obtaining all available compensation. Call or e-mail Meyers Burnett to schedule a no-obligation consultation regarding legal issues after a spinal nerve injury.