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A traumatic accident resulting in amputation has many repercussions. Besides shock, sorrow, and pain and suffering, there are often many very real practical and financial needs that go along with loss of a limb:

  • Emergency medical treatment may include expensive helicopter transport, surgery, experimental procedures, a lengthy recovery, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Special accommodations may include temporary or permanent medical equipment such as a wheelchair, outfitting with a prosthetic replacement limb and perhaps installation of a ramp at home.
  • Many amputation victims report "phantom pains" because of the way the nervous system works. Finding the right pain control therapy — whether through medication, acupuncture or psychological treatments — can take time and may cost quite a bit.
  • An arm or leg amputation injury is a major psychological blow, and some people take it very hard. Psychological therapy can help some people adapt to the loss.
  • Immediately after the accident and in the weeks and months following, an amputation victim is likely to miss work for a lengthy period of time.

Many of these losses require monetary resources. Getting to the bottom of the causes of the accident is an essential component of a successful personal injury claim after an accident resulting in amputation. Were you injured or was your family member injured in an incident such as the following?

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